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It’s the little moments that people don’t notice that makes me love SasoDei so much. Like when Deidara and Sasori were leaving Suna with Gaara and Kankuro followed them in an attempt to get him back. Sasori told Deidara to go ahead without him, and Deidara stayed behind as if…

Deidara: Do you ever feel like you're missing something in life?
Sasori: Yes
Deidara: Really? What?
Sasori: Internal organs.

A general summary of canon interaction between Sasori and Deidara in canon

Sasori: *art argument*
Deidara: *art argument*
Sasori: *art argument*
Deidara: *art argument
Sasori: *art argument*
Deidara: *art argument*
Everyone else: "SHUT UP ALREADY!"
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I took inspiration from Beyonce’s latest album (both in subject matter and marketing) and decided to drop a drawing from nowhere to end my Tumblr rut.  I took out the prints on Beyonce’s jacket and Jourdan’s trousers because it was too hard and I gave up.  
*Thank you Karen Langley and Ricky Saiz for this visual urban fashion head explosion.

**Thank you Timbaland for my favourite beat of yours in forever.  

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if we mutually follow each other there is a 350% chance i’ve started to type a really enthusiastic message into your ask box about how awesome you are but deleted it because it sounded creepy when i read it over for the 832nd time

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There are some automatic toilets that need 2 chill the fuck out


He literally lives his life as if Drake and Josh never ended.

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