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Don’t want nudes leaked? Don’t take nudes. Don’t want to be robbed? Stop owning things. Wanna avoid being killed? Buddy, quit living already!


How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?


This movie is so fun and colorful! I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, the music is spot on. And I really like the relationship between Groot and Rocket, he’s like a proud papa raccoon ahahaha 8’))))))

❝ Meanwhile, the presumed stockpile of penis photos taken by Hollywood actors remains curiously untouched ❞

- A line from an EW article questioning why it’s only women in Hollywood who have their privacy violated x (via pansycakeofwesteros)




Nicki Minaj shining a light on the differences on acceptable sexuality from white women and black women.

While it has a good deal to do with color, it also has to do with the fact of how her sexuality is used.

The women above her could arguably be said to be catering to the sexual needs/wants/fantasies of men (Sports Illustrated is ESPECIALLY known for catering to a male gaze.)  While Nicki Minaj has continuously used her sexuality to empower herself.  Her sexuality isn’t for men, it’s for her own self.  And THAT is a huge problem.  Sexuality that isn’t designed for male consumption is deemed unacceptable and threatening.  She is powerful, demanding, uncompromising, and men are weak, so that scares them.

And it’s also because she’s of Indian/Black background, no doubt about it.  It’s not just racist, it’s also sexist.

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*Lemongrab voice* UNACCEPTABLE
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spelling bee administrator: your word is delicious
me: D to the E to the L I C I O U S to the D to the E to the to the to the
spelling bee administrator: hit it fergie

"Don’t take a nude pic if you’re a famous woman and don’t want it leaked."


"Don’t wear a hoodie if you don’t want to be mistaken for a criminal and shot."

"Don’t get drunk at a party if you don’t want to be sexually assaulted."

"Don’t argue with a cop if you don’t want to get killed."

"Don’t walk home by yourself if you don’t want to get raped."

Victim blaming 101: Everyone should live in fear from ever doing anything.

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me: *throws shade*

mom: pick it up now


Characters That Constantly Break My Heart | Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2)

"You see, Axel’s no longer acting in our best interest."
"Like I care."

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im done

For my author and editor friends…

Oh, god, we really need more illustrations of bad quotes.


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Favorite Characters (2/?): Toph Beifong

Strength isn’t a measure of your size, it’s a measure of your will.


still really naruto

Storm by Gabriel Hernandez Walta from the collection of Dean Abraham

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