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first pic of the year is dedicated to my bb talented alice!!!!! who i miss so dearly!!! this is your long awaited secret santa gift… (and sorry i couldn’t make it to the party weh)

its her version of young justice, with nell as bat girl and damien wayne as robin! hope you like! :)


Hopefully this will help the drawing rut I’ve been go away.


"What’s wrong with you three?"

"It was a long night."

I’ve missed drawing/writing these guys.


So, Nell has kind of taken over my life…and my sketch book.

Seriously, I’m so in love with this girl and what her story could have been: growing up as the newest member of the Batclan who has no connection to Bruce and the Gotham underworld outside of being a Batgirl Fangirl. She would represent all that Stephanie and Barbara were fighting for: hope (and, in a way, what Bruce fights for as well: change).

So yeah, some sketches of Nell’s first encounters with Gotham’s more dubious ladies as she begins her career as Little Wing.

Also Nell rock climbing b/c she’s a little badass hippie like that.

And Cass, Steph, Nell and Damian enjoying an afternoon on the town (Damian would like to make it known he is not enjoying himself).


Nell playing dress up as a kid!

Hugely inspired by those awesome superhero costumes by Goody Goody Tutus on Etsy! check them out!

aaaaand bonus:


So.. I’ve been drawing Speedy/Lian lately…. felt like drawing a BatGirl/Nell and an Impulse/Irey I’m always drawing NightStar and it turned into this.. x)

Oh look, you can see my blood to the left of Lian. xD I cut my finger earlier and it reopened while I was drawing her.. It kinda looks like she’s angry at it.. and wanting to shoot it with her arrow…. “Damn you, evil blood for almost ruining my picture!!" haha Don’t mind me. I’ll cut it out once I color this..


I feel like these two panels pretty much sum up the Damian/Bruce relationship. Dami wonders if he will ever be able to fill his father’s shoes, but we only catch glimpses of his insecurities when he thinks Bruce and Alfred aren’t looking.

Teen Titans #18


damian and irey hanging out at wayne manor please :D

" Are you leaving any time soon?"


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Happy Mother’s Day


Dick really does have the patience of a saint.




Omg, so cute and puffy! Jason, fix yourself. You’re embarrassing everybody.

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