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As a matter of fact, he did.

Basically the panel of Jason looking at that stolen helmet never fails to choke me up.  He’s smiling.  He looks so fucking fond.  Sure, when Damian’s little display went down he was a little ticked about it.  But after the fact, he was actually a bit impressed.  

You can tell he wishes he’d gotten to know that kid better.


Father’s Day | Bruce Wayne


Father’s Day | Alfred Pennyworth


In which I saved these doodles on my computer as “Kindred Spirits” and bummed myself out a bit.

For the anon that requested a meeting between the Winter Soldier and a Robin. I figured Bucky and Jason would be able to relate to each other better than most…

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Bat-chickies in an Easter Egg. Oh my!


Batman: Under the Red Hood

The DNA identification code for Jason Todd as Robin is the same as the issue number 428 in the “A Death in the Family” arc where Jason was killed.

The DNA identification code for Jason Todd as the Red Hood is the same as the issue number 635 in the “Under the Hood” arc where Jason returned.

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Trade for shop5! :D
If you’d like to trade or buy a 2.5”x3.5” artist trading card, drop me a message! ^^

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"The first boy blunder had some manners."

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So, how do you want to handle this? All at once—or do you want me to kick your butts one at a time?

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