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I am a Christian, a feminist, and an aspiring writer.

This is a multifandom and multishipping blog.


It was supposed to a bit of a halloween thing, but meh, and what is your face, Teddy T_T

Happy… Is that what I was?

It’s super effective.


Father’s Day | Bruce Wayne


Father’s Day | Alfred Pennyworth


i was going to go to sleep but then started thinking about these two………….


Scan and color.

Tim is an adorbs bb. Conner you big bear.


A commission for Cinny! For cuddling TimKons <333

But man I haven’t drawn a person in some 2/3 weeks because of exams and getting back into drawing is so difficult I had to redraw this at least 6 times >:((


Hello handsome.

Drawing for drannnnn ;U; hope you’refeelingbetternbuddy


17. Bodyguard AU

Bet that simple red shirt costs more than his bodyguard’s suit.I…got carried away with this one loll. Was listening to The Bodyguard soundtrack these past few days. Bodyguard AU sure is popular. I still got one more request for this AU.

Used crowd graphics from all-silhouettes.


Other doodles for this meme

Meme list


I can imagine Tim and Kon near like the beginning of their relationship and like they don’t know how to tell anyone they’re dating, so they decide to just not hide it and like maybe curl up together on the couch in the Tower or hold hands and stuff. Only no-one notices??? Because like they don’t really see much of a difference, because Tim and Kon had always been really touchy feely with each other before they just hadn’t noticed.


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