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   best friends forever, right, kid?

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Kory: You could be anywhere in the world in a heartbeat. Why do you waste your time by flying?
Wally: That’s crazy talk, Kory. Spending time with old friends is never a waste. 

Teen Titans v3 #50


Father’s Day | Wally West


And I always have been. 

Happy Birthday, Sammy

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Wally West’s arguments with Batman.


"I still have that doll…"

- T-Rex10


Favourite teams: Teen Titans/FabFive

Let’s see how far we’ve come (x)


30 Day DC Comics Challenge: Day 5

Favorite Team or Group?
        Teen Titans



[The Flash vol. 2 #83]

Adorable stupid couple antics.

when can I see you again?

when can we do this again?

Oh my god. If that’s what I think it is, don’t you dare do this to me in a graveyard, Wally West…

The Flash #141



Wally’s(The Flash) wife is named Linda Park… to what my knowledge holds, Park is a Korean last name and from what wikipedia says, she is Korean-American which means I’m guessing she’s an American born Korean.

So here I draw her in a Korean Hanbok dress, and although I am Asian, I’m not Korean so I don’t “EXACTLY” know how traditional hanboks look like and what they guys wear so I tried my best.

and the translation is in Korean I’m guessing so I apologize to Koreans who found wrong things in this…

and yeah Wally in a guys shirt :D


sketchavember 18. wally west & linda park!


Wally West and his Kids

I just love him and his family like wow… I’m still crying over the fact that Wally hasn’t been mentioned in the new 52 series and I was really hoping on seeing him with his family still continuing in the series.

Irey and Jai is so cute and awesome and I love their characters… kinda wished I got to see more of those two also

and of course my OTP of all Wally OTP’s Linda Park and Wally West

she was such a kickass character and Wally loved her so much… wishing wishing wishing all of these

caseyballvins said: wally and linda ice skating

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