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Once a Titan, Always a Titan
"People ask, ‘Why Young Justice?’ I’ll tell you why: Because we’re so damned glad we found each other, that we hold on to each other like life preservers as the flood waters rise.
We don’t get more complicated than that.
We don’t have to.”
~Tim Drake (Young Justice #55)
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For added feels… LISTEN TO THIS SONG. *Lies down on the floor and grossly sobs*
I decided to remake this for better quality. Also, this served as a comparison. It’s pencils compared to using a tablet. XD I fixed it because I felt like it~
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Female Characters I would have wanted in Young Justice Season 3…


  • Tana Moon
  • Linda Park
  • Milagro Reyes
  • Mary Marvel
  • Big Barda
  • Cassandra Cain
  • Talia al Ghul
  • Pantha
  • Raven
  • Mia Dearden
  • Bette Kane as Flamebird
  • Argent
  • Donna Troy

The list could go on forever, but these came first to mind


1x01 | 2x12

do you all fucking realize how much this hurt me

307. There are only two ways you get to cuddle Dick’s stuffed elephant Zitka. The first is if you have a nightmare, and the second is if you are Barbara Gordon.


Submitted by Alleybat

Side note; Wally is prohibited at all times.

268. Dick never outwardly told Babs his identity, but about a month into her role as Batgirl she figured it out and confirmed her guess with him. When he asked her how she knew, she just pointed to herself and said, “Detective.” Years later, Dick realized that was when he first fell for her.


Submitted by justplainsomething

I love the idea of Dick falling in love with Babs’ intelligence.

Unlikely Friendships (Drabble)

“Your hair is so pretty,” M’gann said pushing a small, fine toothed comb through Batgirl’s lovely red locks. The hair was thick but, very soft, which made M’gann think fondly of marshmallows and how she really should buy some because Wally loved them if the speed with which they’d previously disappeared was any indication.


“Thanks but, it’s just hair,” Batgirl replied but, M’gann could feel the way that her cheeks moved slightly in a smile when she went to pull the loose strands to the base of her neck. “Besides, I’m sure you could come up with hair way prettier than mine if you put your mind to it.” Batgirl had made it no secret that she adored M’gann’s ability to shape-shift. She had explained that she thought her other powers were pretty interesting as well but, that the shape shifting had really stood out to her because of the convenience that it would allow. Like say, sneaking home in the middle of the night after a mission and not having to worry about a certain police commissioner catching her in costume because she could already be in her pajamas as soon as she entered through the window.


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I just thought about it.

What if Dick and Babs dated within the five year gap and broke up? They may not get any moments on the show that suggest anything more than friendship.

I just made myself sad.

Next to you by Jordan Sparks.

Someone should do a DickBabs video to this song; I feel like it depicts their relationship well. It also does a good job of showing how frusturated I am as a fan of them. 

Young Justice Barbara Gordon Headcanons

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Debating on whether I should write some Batfamily Young Justice Headcanons or finish my DickBabs (gonna come up with a proper ship name for them soon) fanfiction.

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